To enable at-risk and disadvantaged youth to increase their reading skill levels and to become self-sufficient, productive and contributing members of our society.


Founded in 2009, The Literacy Project's vision is to bring the gift of literacy to children as a foundational learning element to help achieve their personal dreams. To accomplish its mission, The Literacy Project (TLP) accesses and enhances key phonic skills among struggling readers; promotes learning in a fun, social and interactive environment; uses proven methods to maximize the learning experience; and fosters self-sufficiency and economic success through academic achievement.

Recognizing both the short-and long-term social concerns directly associated with illiteracy including higher rates of school dropout, unemployment, and poverty, as well as the long-term implications of the 3rd grade reading achievement gap, TLP was established to make a significant and lasting impact. Utilizing their comprehensive literacy intervention program, The Literacy Project strives to improve reading skill levels among struggling readers in the 2nd grade at Title 1 schools throughout Southern California.


To-date, The Literacy Project has helped more than 3,000 struggling readers throughout Orange and Los Angeles counties, as well as the Coachella Valley. By providing its signature reading program, at no-cost to students or the school, TLP has proven to be incredibly effective. In 2012, the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE), Evaluation, Data and Assessment Center (EDAC) completed an independent review of the program. The summary concluded, “Tested students began the program with lower reading skills than the comparison group, and tested significantly higher than non-participating students at the end of the program. Despite different grades, ages and schools, participating students consistently out-performed their classmates who were not enrolled in the reading program.”

The on-going and demonstrated success of the program led OCDE EADC to write an addendum Executive Data Summary to its previous report stating that TLP’s program impact excelled beyond the previous findings—participating students improved an average of three-fourths a grade level or equivalent to seven months of classroom instruction over the course of TLP’s literacy program.

2014 Highlights

  • TLP served 750 students in 16 schools throughout the cities of Anaheim, Long Beach, Santa Ana, and Coachella Valley, CA.
  • Participants started the program with a reading proficiency level at 79% of their non-participating peers. By the end of the 30-hour program, participants demonstrated reading proficiency nearly identical to their peers.
  • More than half of TLP program participants (58%) ended the program with a reading proficiency above their peer group.