Literacy In Vision (LIV) Hosted "LIV-OC: Landmark Steakhouse Social" to Support Literacy Project Foundation

Newport Beach, CA (June 13, 2012) – Literacy In Vision (LIV) Board Members Daniel Korpman, JoAnn Modarelli, Amara Omoregie, Russell Watts, Aaron Young, and Britni Lopez recently hosted the "LIV-OC: Landmark Steakhouse Social" to raise awareness for the Literacy Project Foundation (LPF). Proceeds from the event benefited the students at Sunkist Elementary School who recently graduated from LPF’s 10-week literacy program.

About 30 guests joined LIV’s young philanthropists to “Gather, Toast, and LIV” in the name of literacy. President Dan Korpman addressed the crowd, “Literacy In Vision serves to teach and inspire young professionals to impact their community while developing themselves as leaders.” Korpman introduced the new membership drive for LIV and encouraged new guests to join the support guild and spread the word of their effortsin the fight against illiteracy.

The evening began with members and the board of directors welcoming new friends in attendance. The event attracted those looking to give back to a worthy cause through networking socials. New on the scene were Casey Arisohn founder of Radii Footwear with girlfriend Crystal Cannon, creator of Naked Girl Bikinis, who mingled with another fascinating entrepreneur Raymond Fuentes, a recent graduate of Cal State Fullerton and CEO and Founder of Rosa Packs, back pack manufacturing company. The three guests, all aged under 30-yearsold, spent time sharing trade secrets and contemplating a philanthropic collaboration of their companies that would benefit LIV.

A passionate message was delivered by LPF Master Teacher Kara Gregory, who shared her experience on LPF’s front linesin Orange County elementary schools. She spoke about the positive effects the reading program is having on struggling readersin the 3rd and 4th grades. Significant impacts of increased reading skills levels and self esteem benchmark the Foundation’s 10-week literacy program’s successin more than 39 elementary schools.

Landmark Steakhouse General Manger Mike Langsamand his wife Pam graciously donated hors d’oeuvres and a private reception area for the LIV party. Pam also offered three signed editions of her new book Vegas Dazzle for the raffle. An author and reading enthusiasts, Pam expressed a sincere passion to further support both LIV and LPF! Also sponsoring the event were Grey Goose Cherry Noir featuring cherry vodka cocktails and Jabe Amato who provided lively music.

This friend-raiser is one of the series of lively events LIV hosts throughout the year. Guests included Alan Freeman, LPF President Sue Tucker, Erin Gargan, Paulina Valdez, Peter Mudge, Alicia Bedrosian, Jonathan Chortanian, Rico Ferrante, Marisol Garcia, Tamara Copeland, Paul Johnson, Mimosa Lam-My, Natalie Heimstra, Danielle Drucker, and Kimberly Vig, Kara Gregory and Scott Dicus.

Funds raised from the event supported the students at Sunkist Elementary School who graduated from LPF’s 10-week reading program on June 21. LIV Vice President Jo Anne Modarelli, Amara Omoregie, and Britni Lopez showed their support at the graduation ceremony and LIV donated book bags filled with gifts for the students to encourage a continued interest in reading.

"Graduation was filled with eager anticipation and excitement for these kids' accomplishments. LPF Master Teacher Neil Carter was beaming with pride and the students were visibly thankful. I feel so privileged to give these kids something on behalf of the LIV team,” stated Modarelli. Each book bag contained a dry erase game, a writing practice pad, a composition notebook, pencils, and a “reading star” super pen.

About Literacy In Vision
Literacy In Vision (LIV) is a philanthropic young professionals club that exists to support The Literacy Project Foundation in its mission to deliver the gift of literacy to underprivileged struggling readers in California. Members of LIV are provided the opportunity to make an impact on their community and further develop themselves as leaders through volunteer opportunities, LIV’s philanthropic leadership speaker series, and access to tailored social events focused on facilitating qualitative over quantitative peer and mentor introduction.

About Literacy Project Foundation
The Literacy Project Foundation will bring the gift of literacy to children as a foundational learning element to help achieve their personal dreams. Their mission is to enable at-risk and disadvantaged youth to increase their reading skill levels. The goal of the Foundation is to enable these children to become self-sufficient, productive and contributing members of our society. For more information, visit

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