Progress Reports

Our literacy program is provided to both in-school instruction and after-school programs at no cost to K-6 grades. The Foundation targets specific markets with low literacy rates, demographically disadvantaged youth in Title I, "at-risk" and levels 3-5 schools of the Performance Improvement ("PI").

At each school site we conduct 6-week sessions with up to six students in five 45-minute sessions per week by a trained LPF Master Teacher. Each student is individually pre- and post-tested for their reading skill level based upon the 13 fundamental phonetic skills presented in our program and for their attitudinal position on reading. The California Basic Phonics Skills Test (BPST) is used to assess their knowledge of all phonics skills beginning with consonant sounds normally taught in kindergarten and ending with polysyllabic word patterns encountered in third and fourth grade. Attitudinal testing is conducted prior to the program in addition to post-testing to determine their emotional disposition on reading and to identify any psychological challenges.

When the program is completed, the students are post-tested with the BPST again in order to determine measureable academic and attitudinal growth. Success rates are documented for each site and for each student participant. We continue to document significant measureable growth in both reading skill levels and attitudinal dispositions upon the completion of our reading program.

As we hear the cry, “I WASN’T STUPID, I JUST COULDN’T READ!”, graduating students experience exceptional measurable growth in their English proficiency and self-confidence.